And Death? – a thought…

Everyone has thoughts about death.  And, mythology, movies, religion, and most other aspects of life all have their own thoughts, ideas, and expressions of this eventual destiny we all face.  But, what would you do if you met Death face to face and it was bright, flashy, and had a big smile?

I mean, we always think of death as this end-all thing.  Darkness, nothingness,   (etc.), but what if it isn’t?   What if what we now think of as life is really death?  What if when we die we are actually re-born into an existence that is exhilarating and meaningful?

So what about that dark, black- hooded one holding a scythe?  Who is he?  Have you thought about or taken a good look at the world around you right now?  Maybe that dark one doesn’t represent what comes next.  Maybe, that one describes what we are living in here and now.

What if death is wrapped in light, contemporary clothing, and a smile?  Would it seem so ominous then?  What if death offered reuniting with those we’ve lost that have gone on before us?  There are so many accounts of people we know and care about coming to visit us after their passing at other times – why not be able to be with that family after we, also, go on?

Have you ever sat back and contemplated death?  How do you feel about it as it pertains to you?  It isn’t something that you want to do to take up a lot of your time, but it is worth a think or two.  Take away the thoughts of pain at not being with those you love again on this plane of existence.  Time won’t heal that raw-ness, but it will mitigate some of those feelings.  But, if you know will you will re-unite with them again at a future point   —  it’s like going on a sabbatical of sorts.  Just think about dying.  If you know it’s still an existence on another level of what the Universe gives, then, it’s like moving to someplace new.  Will we be alone?  Who knows, but I think we are all born into spiritual families and I also believe we return to them.  There are too many accounts of people upon death being reunited with those we love and know.  And, I don’t believe these are only figments of our minds upon that final farewell to this material plane.  That brings us to what is consciousness?  I don’t know, but neither do scientists.  No one knows, but I’m willing to believe that it is part of the Universe that we are all a part of and doesn’t end.  We are all a thread in the fabric of the Universe and that fabric isn’t torn regardless of what state we are in, be it life or death…..and, who really knows what state is what or when.  We are all a thread in the fabric in the concomitance of life in the Universe.

Life gives strife, worry, disease, pain, anxiety, emaciation, dissatisfaction, frustration, and depression.  Death offers relief from that.  We have no idea of what else it may offer, but since all things in life seem to operate on a diametrical symmetry, things on the other side can’t be all that bad.

– ashanta


Are Pentagrams Good or Evil?

Is the pentagram good or evil?  What a question!  It’s neither.  The pentangle is a symbol, a philosophy, a mathematical theory, and a tool.  From ancient times the pentagram has been used to better understand the Universe and man’s place within it.  Pythagoras used it to represent man.  DaVinci expanded upon his theory.

The number five has represented the five elements:  air, earth, water, fire, and aethyr (spirit).  Five represents the path Venus makes on her trip around the sky: .

The pentagram has also been used to illustrate the Golden Ratio: .

The five-pointed star has been used for millennia on flags, on buildings, in cities, (i.e. Washington, D.C.), and even worn by early Christians to protect themselves against evil.  And yes – it’s used in ceremonial rituals and ceremonial magick.

When used in a mystical sense, the attitude that it is infused in the process is what matters – not the star’s orientation.  Point up or down makes no bit of difference one way or another.  One point up, two points up….really?  What fluff.  Point reference was started in the mid-19th century by a self-proclaimed, jealous, closed-minded magician who called himself Eliphas Levi.  His real name is Alphonse Louis Constant.  Mr. Levi / Constant was a Catholic, very dedicated to the church, who in his later years disavowed magic.  He perhaps came to his writings and teachings with a prejudiced inclination.  The pentagram as evil is really a 19th century folly.

People, usually enthralled with the concept of evil, for whatever reasons, were intrigued.  And, Hollywood, wanting to make money off these strong emotions, started producing films to build up the fenzy and make more money.  That brings us to Anton LeVey  and his Church of Satan.  LeVey, born Howard Stanton LeVey, jumped on the bandwagon seeing an opportunity to promote himself and make some bucks.  LeVey was always a showman, working from an early age in the circus and carnivals.  He was a gifted musician and a good businessman.  He was intelligent and had great marketing skills.

LeVey didn’t believe in Satan and he didn’t much care for what he considered the hypocrasy of humankind.  Go to bars and brothels during the week and then make a showing at church on Sunday.  In his teachings, LeVey promoted self-confidence and gave people the feeling of personal empowerment.  Who doesn’t want that?  He had some good thoughts on the subject, too.  Read his Nine Satanic Statements….not to shabby and nothing evil.

So, is the pentagram good or evil?  It’s entirely up to you.  What do you put into it?  If it’s good thoughts, it’s from within you.  If it’s evil — maybe you are, too.  Just remember the law of three.  What you wish for someone else is what you’ll get back times three.  That’s just the Universal Law of Reciprocity.

– ashanta

UFO’s or Just Weird?

I think this Universe is far too large for us to be alone, but I don’t know that I believe in beings flying around in spaceships en route to visit Earth.  Although one of the many theories I’ve contemplated is that we are the Martians.  There are so many theories to think about and investigate that all have merit, but that’s for another time.  Strange things do happen and many phenomena have been observed that defy reasonable explanation and have for thousands of years.

Many years ago, I went to a conference in Hartford CT for my employer.  The event concluded around 10:30 p.m.  I got on I-95 and started heading North towards home.  Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic.  About six miles from the Springfield MA exit there was a large light in the sky moving from East to West at quite a clip.  Since Bradley Airport isn’t far away, I didn’t think much about it.  But, the light suddenly turned rapidly and started heading back toward the East.  This isn’t a maneuver typical of aircraft that I’m familiar with.  The light also got larger.

Next thing I know it was about two hours later and I found myself driving South on I-95 and heading back toward Hartford.  No – I didn’t drink at the seminar and I have no other recollection of anything.  0vertired?  Brain lapse?  Missing time?  I don’t know.

Then not long ago, I thought I was asleep and maybe I was.  But there was another brilliant light.  Nothing else was there, just this very large light.  Next thing, I find myself in this darkened round place looking out through a huge window at the star-filled night sky.  It was beautiful.  There were others around.  I could hear them talking and they spoke to me.  I never saw any of them though.  They told me I was going to travel out into space.  This was getting a bit scary – especially being, not a little, afraid of heights.  They put some sort of helmet on me and strapped me onto this small machine-like thing.  It was all open; there were no enclosures. Then this seat thing started to move toward that window.  The window didn’t open and I thought for sure I would crash right into it.  Instead,  I moved through it easily.  I could look down and see lights coming up from Earth – cities perhaps.  And the stars were fantastic.  The whole trip was amazing.

Next thing I knew, I was sitting up in bed thinking that was one heck of a dream.  It was like it was real and it was very vivid.  Still is.

So, what are these lights?  Many people have all kinds of experiences with various kinds of lights in different situations.  Perhaps it’s a natural energy that we need to study and learn more about.  Or maybe visitors bring it with them.  Or maybe it’s something from the other side of this existence we call being alive.  Whatever it is, I’d really like to know more about it.

–  ashanta


How Far is the Other Side?

There is far too much evidence to deny the existence of some sort of continuance of life beyond what we call death. Just what that existence consists of is conjecture; but the energy that we are made up of just doesn’t disappear when we leave our bodies. This begs the question – what is life? Perhaps if we could answer that one we wouldn’t have to wonder what death is.

Our Universe seems to operate within a framework of opposites like up/down, light/dark, good/evil and so on. But, could it be that these supposed diametrically opposed states are all the same thing and not different at all? If everything eminates from the same single source then it would make sense they all must be interconnected and therefore part of one another. Could one exist without the other? ….seems unlikely.

This three-dimensional world we live within is also a trickster. It limits our abilities to perceive things as they really are. Electromagnetic radiation is the light spectrum around us, but we only see visible light in the range of about 390 to 700 nanometers. We’re also limited in our hearing frequency from about 20 to 20,000 Hz, (Hertz or 1 cycle per second). That leaves a whole lot more around us that we don’t have access to, but still exists none-the-less.

We also do not perceive the things we see as some other living creatures do. You can look at pictures of flowers, for example, under ultraviolet light – like insects do and the flowers look totally different from our sensory data. The blossoms have imprinted ‘run-ways’ on them that show a bee, for example, where to land to gather pollen. So which view is the right one? The real one? And these differences are all around us, we just don’t experience them on a daily basis.

With these breeches in our sensory reality is it such a far step to consider that the availability to the other side is no more than our inability to perceive its existence by our stunted view of the entirety of what exists beyond our senses?

– ashanta

Commune with the Universe – Meditate

All meditation can lead to a channel that opens up to inner wisdom, regeneration, and connection to all that exists in the Universe.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘meditation’?  I think meditation is one of the most misunderstood spirituality practices in use today.  It seems to carry an aura of some sort of superiority in the quest for enlightenment. Those who practice it seem almost apart from many other people.  And, it appears to retain a shell of mystery as to comprehension of its inner connections to all things transcendental.  I wonder if this veneer has been planned and finely honed or if it is inherent in the belief that it is a study of eastern ways as opposed to being introduced by the west.

Meditation can be practiced by anyone,  anywhere, anytime.  It doesn’t have to be done while sitting on a mat in an uncomfortable position.  It can be utilized while taking a walk for a few minutes in the middle of a hectic workday.  It can be done while sitting poolside, ocean side, on a deck, or in your living room.

Meditation is a tool to reunite with the unseen, the unknown, and the incalculable.   It can inspire, teach, and open pathways. The most important thing to do to reach the most desirable state of meditation and produce the best results is to try and quiet your mind.  It’s important to stop your internal dialogue.  And these things are easier to say than to achieve.

Try to not focus your attention on anything specific because when you do that your mind becomes fixed on that thing and stillness escapes.  While you will hear things around you don’t try to figure out where they are coming from or what they are.  That will also draw your mind to fix on something else besides the task at hand.

Let the Universe guide you and open yourself up to the things it has to offer. These results can be just as beneficial and potent as the ones achieved by a practitioner who rests in one position for hours on end….and who knows  –  maybe they are napping.

–   ashanta

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Some Thoughts on Energy and Perception

Perhaps nothing is paranormal  —  maybe it is just a manipulation of energy.   Our Universe and all the existence within it is vibration.  Energy is vibration and everything we experience as living beings happens within a Vibrational Matrix.

Whether it be an apparition, psychometry, clairaudience, automatic writing, ouija, ufo’s or any other type of psychic manifestation all is embedded within a web of oscillation emanating from the Universe around us.

This matrix and everything comprising it’s parts manifest an array that helps to complete the network of existence.  We experience life through our senses believing that what we see, hear, feel, smell, etc. are real and exist as we live them.  Yet, we see less than 1% of the electromagnetic field that surrounds us.  And, we hear less than 1% of the acoustic field that exists.  The understanding of our reality is badly hampered and distorted by those two factors alone.  Our other senses are defined to us by our brain which does not necessarily lead us to truth.

Our senses are censored by our brain.  It is a mechanical organ that demands we greet and comprehend things in a way that makes sense to it.  Our brains demand a physiological logic that does not elaborate on any other criteria except what it has been genetically wired to believe from our birth to our death.

Because our access to the full spectra of what the entirety of life offers us are mitigated, we do not experience the totality of what exists on a physical level.  That doesn’t mean we cannot or do not receive extra-sensory information through other means that some call the supernatural.  But it does insinuate that we do not usually make a connection between what could be called de ja vu, insight, premonition, and/or gut feeling.  All that exists leaves an imprint on us whether it’s an intelligence, an encounter with a past life or a residual energy that cannot get beyond the here and now.

Physical life is not alone in possessing energy.  Places and buildings also have and hold vibrational information.  And like people, it all depends on what happens how that ‘feeling’ will be perceived. We only have to remember that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  There are some among us that feel this energy more than others do, however, all senses and experiences are intraconnected and can seep through to this plane of the so-called ‘living’ for those who are willing to feel, understand, and know that life of the past.

Does life exist beyond death?  Energy does!  Noises, smells, shadows, maybe even ufo’s all relate to a possible communication from a different plane. It is that dynamic that we experience as apparitions and other manifestations that signals an intelligence and continuance of energy/life that will not die.