A Note from ashanta at westernmassparanormal.org

About a month and a half ago my computer went belly up.  Everything just went.  Most paranormal events may not scare me, but having to deal with a  new computer, a new system, new programs, the internet, and anything electronic in general – frightens me a whole lot !!!

I’d just like to apologize to anyone who sent mails and/or commented on anything in our blog that was not responded to or answered.  Those things are important to me and just must have gone down with the old computer or I just can’t find them.  I do want to respond, though.  So please,  if you don’t mind, resend them and i’ll answer quickly.

Thanks again for understanding.   And  —  Happy Equinox!!!   Please celebrate this wonderful time of year with us as the Wheel of the Year keeps turning.     – ashanta

By ashantaofthelema