Hauntingly Beautiful Napatree Point RI

Napatree Point is a beautiful strip of sandbar connected to Watch Hill on the westerly side of town. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and a great place to enjoy numerous activities in the warmer months. Napatree today belies it’s horrendous past events that disrupted the lives of hundreds and ended some of those lives forever.

At one time the spit was abundant with trees, but in September of 1815 a fierce windstorm – also known as, “the Gale of 1815” – destroyed many trees in the area and wiped out just about all of them on Napatree Point.

Over time the peninsula was built up. The U.S. Army built Fort Mansfield at what used to be a bend at the end of the peninsula at Sandy Point and a spit of land that reached toward the bay.

Until 1938 Napatree and Watch Hill became a mecca for wealthier families in the area – and tourists – to get out of cities in the heat of summer and enjoy the sun, sand, numerous shops, and restaurants the area was known for. People built cottages and houses on Fort Road that followed the golden sand along the Long Island Sound.

Then on 21 September 1938 the “Great Hurricane” struck the area. In a matter of hours life was never the same. You have to remember that at this point in history weather predicting was nowhere near the scientific endeavor it is today. There were no satellites, no buoys in the ocean, no internet, and not much of any other technical advantages we have today. Most storms were discovered by reports from ships out at sea. It was known there was a hurricane that was expected to pass Cape Hatteras and keep going east, out to sea. That didn’t happen.

The tempest hit the Napatree area around 2:20 in the afternoon on the autumnal equinox. People had no warnings and most didn’t know about it until they saw the 50-foot wall of water approaching them at about 60 miles per hour. There was no time to prepare – or get out of the way. Winds were blowing between 90 and 120 mph, rivers, ponds, and streams were overflowing their banks everywhere and flooding started happening immediately.

Within six hours houses, boats, cars, ships, and trains were being swept away and smashed into whatever was in the way. So were people. Bodies were strewn everywhere. Many were found under feet of rubble The coastline was remade. Sandy Point became Sandy Island. In the Watch Hill area about 100 people died and many more were missing. Statewide the destruction was estimated to be about $400 million dollars – and that was at 1938 currency value. Reconstruction took and long time and emotional scars lasted forever.

Visiting the picturesque, soft-sand beach today, you’d never guess all the devastation that happened 82 years ago. Old foundations have been hidden by sand dunes and seaside vegetation has taken root. The beach is pristine and the water is beautiful. Many shells dot the sand along the shore. Sometimes even a fork or spoon still washes up onto the beach.

It isn’t always so serene though. People have heard sobbing and some hear what sounds like children yelling for help, There seems to be an older man who can sometimes be seen looking over Little Narragansett Bay toward the harbor. Maybe just as he did in life. And then there is the woman who appears to walk out of the ocean and disappear when she reaches shore. With all the pain and suffering that took place in this locale, it isn’t surprising that some of the energy of that trauma still lingers.

– ashanta


Baphomet is not evil.

Did you ever hear about Baphomet prior to paranormal t.v. shows and Hollywood’s version of horror movies?? My guess is probably not. Oh yes, and let’s not forget all those documentaries on the Knights Templar. Baphomet would still be hiding in relative obscurity if it wasn’t for those templar informationals that accuse templars of kneeling and worshiping this goat-headed demon. What drivel !!

Baphomet is a beautiful symbol that illustrates the natural connection of everything we know in this three-dimensional reality we live within. It connects each thing with one another and in total to the all that is.

Der Daemon Baphomet.PNG (This photographic reproduction is considered to be in the public domain in the United States.)

If we go back to Hebrew writings, the name Baphomet is equated with the name Sophia by use of the Atbash Cipher. This cipher uses a substitution method to hide a message. It’s an easy code – the first letter becomes the last, the second letter becomes the second to last and so on. In the third century B.C. the Hebrew Bible was translated to Greek so Jewish peoples living in Egypt could read their Bible as many of them were no longer familiar with Hebrew.

Sophia, lower case sofia in the Old Testament, refers to wisdom. And the symbolism of the figure of Baphomet explains the archaic wisdom this symbol entails.

Baphomet is a complex esoteric icon that needs to be explained and understood for what it really is. So – let’s have a go at that….

So, to start dissecting the representions of the horned one….

Baphomet is seen sitting with crossed legs. Sitting represents a fixed foundation and legs are crossed illustrating that some things cannot be changed – like truth. Androgyny is shown by the wonderfully full feminine breasts and the tall, erect male member that renders it a non-binary or an encompassing totality of all that exists.

The snakes surrounding the phallus are representative of renewal and transformation of all existence.

The snakes that form in a sort of caduceus speaks of the entirety of all being. All things are a part of each another. All aspects of life are interconnected and don’t exist without one another.

Baphomet’s wings lend to psychic imagination and spiritual growth. His two arms one pointing down that reads “coaglia” meaning to join together. The other arm points up and says “solve” which means to dissolve or separate. Together they represent the completeness of the Emerald Tablet’s message of, “As Above, So Below”.

Baphomet’s horns represent wisdom just as the horns in the painting of Moses by Michelangelo are symbolic of the smarts that Moses possessed.

And finally – the fire. Fire is a sign of illumination. And – illumination, spritual growth, archaic wisdom, and a recipe to understand the meaning of life is what the symbol of the goat-headed being is all about.

Taken together, this symbol of Baphomet is a wonderful ancient representation of mystical wisdom that is still being shared today with those that have the mental and spiritual acuteness to understand its meaning. For others, it will always remain the thing of movies and unfortunately – demonic.

And – for those who don’t know — The Knights Templars who were tortured and burned alive in 1306 were massacred by King Philip IV of France. He managed to get the Pope’s willingness to look the other way, but it didn’t have anything to do with Philip’s allegations of heresy on the part of the Templars.

It seems King Philip IV owed a great sum of money to the Templars and there was no way he could repay them. Philip had frivolously squandered his kingdom’s money. So, rather than be upright and straight forward, Phil decided he could have the Knights annihilated rendering him free from debt.

And – the Pope of Rome at that time – Pope Clement didn’t necessarily agree with Phil’s efforts. Pope Clement also wanted the indigent King to repay him. Over time Philip had borrowed quite a sum from the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope wanted the money he had given Philip repaid with all the appropriate interest payments.

The Knights Templar and Baphomet are free of guilt. But, the king of France and the head of the Holy Catholic Church cannot be exonerated from evil deeds as easily.

– ashanta