What is the Paranormal?

The paranormal is comprised of normal things that we don’t understand to be an ordinary part of our existence.  For example, when you consider how limited our  senses are compared to the vast ranges of sight and sound that exist, it’s no wonder we don’t experience most of what happens around us.  We live in small box of explained phenomena that’s promoted to be everything we need to know about life.  It isn’t.  Truth is, no one can really explain what life is or consciousness and where it comes from.  So many questions, so few answers…at least for us, the common population.

Science has made great inroads discovering answers, but how much of what is known is being shared?  It’s taken the government around 70 years to admit it knows about UAP’s.  Had that information not been leaked, we probably still wouldn’t know that.  Where do they come from, what are they?  That info hasn’t been disseminated yet and more than likely won’t be.  Those who know like to keep their discoveries to themselves and decide who should and shouldn’t know about them.  It seems that’s why paranormal events are so controversial.  This box of common knowledge we live in and are expected to believe doesn’t make accommodation for other normal events that occur, but aren’t defined. If you want to know about what is called the paranormal, you have to look outside yourself and the restrictions of the box.

Ghosts are another problem area – they aren’t supposed to be there.  Says who?  Many who experience them just don’t talk about it.  Maybe they don’t want to be called delusional or insulted for their lack of common sense.  But, if you’re the one who sees someone you knew or loved after they’ve passed on, you know who you saw and you know you aren’t nuts.  Apparitions exist, they are still part of life, maybe not on this plane, but somewhere around us.  More people might experience them if their years of conditioning didn’t prevent them from knowing it’s a possibility.

There are many things that exist that we’ve not been told about, that we’ve been cautioned about not delving into, and conditioned to believe every day life is the only thing we need to believe in.  It’s a way to deflect investigation into the possibility of other things around us that we are a normal part of.  But, why?  We live in a complex system that is a concomitance of life – we are all interconnected.  We are all a part of a vibrational matrix and so are other manifestations that can’t always be explained.  

     –  ashanta