Paranormal Aspects of Sound

Sound itself isn’t paranormal. It appears to be a natural part of life and experiencing sound through one of our senses is something the majority of people do. But,

some of the affects on us from various acoustics could be considered paranormal…at least until science is more able to explain a sound connection, (no pun intended), between why varied frequencies can produce paranormal states in humans.

This is evidenced by the state of altered consciousness many experience while listening to some types of music. Chanting “om” is another. Om is believed to be the sound of the original vibration of the universe. The Pillars of Hinduism at the Vijaya Vittala Temple in Karnataka, India, when touched, are said to vibrate at a specific rate so as to induce a meditative state. In Yucatan, the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza emits the trance-producing voice of Kukulcan if you clap your hands in front of it. Sound is also specifically directed by the architectural ceiling construction of some cathedrals in an effort to help the congregation attain higher consciousness. .

We live within a vibrational matrix. Everything vibrates and vibration is energy, and energy produces sound. NASA has proven every planet has a sound and each one is different from the other thus creating “the music of the spheres”. Rocks also emit their own vibrations and have their own sound.. Stonehenge, for example, resonates when people gather within its circle. Other stone structures also do the same. Some believe these sound vibrations are portals to other dimensions. Stone pyramids give off noise as well. Their shape helps focus a beam of energy upward. Could it be true that some pyramids, like the one in Giza, are truly “stargates”?

What happens to us from sounds that are outside of the spectrum that is audible to us? It would seem that even if we don’t hear a specific sound it may still have the abiliity to open us up to altered states or trances. What knowledge can you attain when a vibration can transport you to a different reality? There are three instances I can think of that might serve as examples.

Nikola Tesla, the brilliant engineer and physicist who could have provided free energy for everyone on earth and other marvels, always maintained he got his ideas and knowledge from somewhere and someone else. I’m not sure he necessarily knew who or what, but he didn’t credit himself for them. No wonder right after his death the government broke into his home and stole all his life’s work.

George Washington, when he was still General Washington during the Revolutionary War, came to a point where he was hesitant about his next course of action. He left his tent one night to take a walk and think matters over. According to his journal he was visited by someone or something that showed him a plan. This encounter also gave him a preview vision of the result if he took the suggested strategy. That ensuing battle became the turning point in the war for the colonies.

Nostradamus. What can I say about Nostradamus that you don’t already know. His quatrains record his encounters with sources beyond the present-centered state of mind that roots us to the ordinary. Nostradamus used a bowl of water to skry, but maybe hearing that water pour into the bowl and then watching the sound vibrations move through the liquid were enough to get him to wherever he needed to be. We all have different and varied routes to a different reality..

Our most elemental form of communication is sound. We have developed a vocabulary comprised of specific tones that allows us to more easily interact with one another. Animals definitely communicate with one another. I’m reluctant to say they don’t have a language because when your dog, say, talks to you, you can infer a lot from the sounds he/she makes while communing. But, animals convey information to one another by some method. They haven’t lost the innate ability to sense, from somewhere, what’s happening. People haven’t really lost that innate ability, either, they just stopped paying attention to it at a very tender age.

So, what is that method of receiving and sharing information and where does it come from? I don’t know, but do believe it is something within our nature that ties us to everything and everyone else. It’s the ability to sense and know the information we are able to access is more than language and written words. It may be a telepathic connection to the Akashic Records. Perhaps a portal to another dimension? An ability to reconnect to higher consciousness through an altered state? Sounds that we are unable to hear may be the pathway to non-verbal and unwritten communication. We just need to start sensing it and using it as I think was originally intended for all forms of life.

– ashanta

Some Thoughts on Energy and Perception

Perhaps nothing is paranormal  —  maybe it is just a manipulation of energy.   Our Universe and all the existence within it is vibration.  Energy is vibration and everything we experience as living beings happens within a Vibrational Matrix.

Whether it be an apparition, psychometry, clairaudience, automatic writing, ouija, ufo’s or any other type of psychic manifestation all is embedded within a web of oscillation emanating from the Universe around us.

This matrix and everything comprising it’s parts manifest an array that helps to complete the network of existence.  We experience life through our senses believing that what we see, hear, feel, smell, etc. are real and exist as we live them.  Yet, we see less than 1% of the electromagnetic field that surrounds us.  And, we hear less than 1% of the acoustic field that exists.  The understanding of our reality is badly hampered and distorted by those two factors alone.  Our other senses are defined to us by our brain which does not necessarily lead us to truth.

Our senses are censored by our brain.  It is a mechanical organ that demands we greet and comprehend things in a way that makes sense to it.  Our brains demand a physiological logic that does not elaborate on any other criteria except what it has been genetically wired to believe from our birth to our death.

Because our access to the full spectra of what the entirety of life offers us are mitigated, we do not experience the totality of what exists on a physical level.  That doesn’t mean we cannot or do not receive extra-sensory information through other means that some call the supernatural.  But it does insinuate that we do not usually make a connection between what could be called de ja vu, insight, premonition, and/or gut feeling.  All that exists leaves an imprint on us whether it’s an intelligence, an encounter with a past life or a residual energy that cannot get beyond the here and now.

Physical life is not alone in possessing energy.  Places and buildings also have and hold vibrational information.  And like people, it all depends on what happens how that ‘feeling’ will be perceived. We only have to remember that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  There are some among us that feel this energy more than others do, however, all senses and experiences are intraconnected and can seep through to this plane of the so-called ‘living’ for those who are willing to feel, understand, and know that life of the past.

Does life exist beyond death?  Energy does!  Noises, smells, shadows, maybe even ufo’s all relate to a possible communication from a different plane. It is that dynamic that we experience as apparitions and other manifestations that signals an intelligence and continuance of energy/life that will not die.