And Death? – a thought…

Everyone has thoughts about death.  And, mythology, movies, religion, and most other aspects of life all have their own thoughts, ideas, and expressions of this eventual destiny we all face.  But, what would you do if you met Death face to face and it was bright, flashy, and had a big smile?

I mean, we always think of death as this end-all thing.  Darkness, nothingness,   (etc.), but what if it isn’t?   What if what we now think of as life is really death?  What if when we die we are actually re-born into an existence that is exhilarating and meaningful?

So what about that dark, black- hooded one holding a scythe?  Who is he?  Have you thought about or taken a good look at the world around you right now?  Maybe that dark one doesn’t represent what comes next.  Maybe, that one describes what we are living in here and now.

What if death is wrapped in light, contemporary clothing, and a smile?  Would it seem so ominous then?  What if death offered reuniting with those we’ve lost that have gone on before us?  There are so many accounts of people we know and care about coming to visit us after their passing at other times – why not be able to be with that family after we, also, go on?

Have you ever sat back and contemplated death?  How do you feel about it as it pertains to you?  It isn’t something that you want to do to take up a lot of your time, but it is worth a think or two.  Take away the thoughts of pain at not being with those you love again on this plane of existence.  Time won’t heal that raw-ness, but it will mitigate some of those feelings.  But, if you know will you will re-unite with them again at a future point   —  it’s like going on a sabbatical of sorts.  Just think about dying.  If you know it’s still an existence on another level of what the Universe gives, then, it’s like moving to someplace new.  Will we be alone?  Who knows, but I think we are all born into spiritual families and I also believe we return to them.  There are too many accounts of people upon death being reunited with those we love and know.  And, I don’t believe these are only figments of our minds upon that final farewell to this material plane.  That brings us to what is consciousness?  I don’t know, but neither do scientists.  No one knows, but I’m willing to believe that it is part of the Universe that we are all a part of and doesn’t end.  We are all a thread in the fabric of the Universe and that fabric isn’t torn regardless of what state we are in, be it life or death…..and, who really knows what state is what or when.  We are all a thread in the fabric in the concomitance of life in the Universe.

Life gives strife, worry, disease, pain, anxiety, emaciation, dissatisfaction, frustration, and depression.  Death offers relief from that.  We have no idea of what else it may offer, but since all things in life seem to operate on a diametrical symmetry, things on the other side can’t be all that bad.

– ashanta