How Far is the Other Side?

There is far too much evidence to deny the existence of some sort of continuance of life beyond what we call death. Just what that existence consists of is conjecture; but the energy that we are made up of just doesn’t disappear when we leave our bodies. This begs the question – what is life? Perhaps if we could answer that one we wouldn’t have to wonder what death is.

Our Universe seems to operate within a framework of opposites like up/down, light/dark, good/evil and so on. But, could it be that these supposed diametrically opposed states are all the same thing and not different at all? If everything eminates from the same single source then it would make sense they all must be interconnected and therefore part of one another. Could one exist without the other? ….seems unlikely.

This three-dimensional world we live within is also a trickster. It limits our abilities to perceive things as they really are. Electromagnetic radiation is the light spectrum around us, but we only see visible light in the range of about 390 to 700 nanometers. We’re also limited in our hearing frequency from about 20 to 20,000 Hz, (Hertz or 1 cycle per second). That leaves a whole lot more around us that we don’t have access to, but still exists none-the-less.

We also do not perceive the things we see as some other living creatures do. You can look at pictures of flowers, for example, under ultraviolet light – like insects do and the flowers look totally different from our sensory data. The blossoms have imprinted ‘run-ways’ on them that show a bee, for example, where to land to gather pollen. So which view is the right one? The real one? And these differences are all around us, we just don’t experience them on a daily basis.

With these breeches in our sensory reality is it such a far step to consider that the availability to the other side is no more than our inability to perceive its existence by our stunted view of the entirety of what exists beyond our senses?

– ashanta

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