A Haunted Hospital

Most, if not all, hospitals are haunted and why wouldn’t they be? There are so many emotions that happen there something is bound to stick around, This energy could be residual or intelligent, but regardless of its origin – it is still around.

This “country hospital”, as many call it, is well-equipped to take care of any problem and have top notch people to do the job! The personnel are terrific. They really care about the people who come in and need their help. Both doctors and nurses are caring, responsible people who do their best to do whatever they can for every patient that comes through their doors. I applaud them.

But, this place is strange and has an eerie feeling – especially at night when all patients should be asleep and snug in their beds. Night time here has a different vibe. It takes on a life of its own. There are all kinds of noises coming from the third floor. It sounds like things being dragged. Bangs, sounds like things being thrown around. There are heavy footfalls back and forth along the floors. And – it sounds like heavy footfalls up and down the stairs. Maybe the third floor isn’t used because it’s already occupied by something other than the staff can handle.

And – you know how quiet the nurse’s station usually always is? Well, not here at night. That whole area sounds like there’s a party of some sort going on every night. People are talking loudly and laughing frequently. There’s always activity there and time passes quickly. Even children can be heard having fun. There are shadows and orbs at night, also. All I can tell you is – they are not there to help you get up to go potty!!! They are there for other reasons and they don’t want to share why. But, they don’t go away easily.

I thought it odd that while this facility has three floors only two are used. I asked why and was told that they needed the third floor for storage. Storage for what? Wouldn’t taking care of more patients produce more income for the business and be more important than a receptacle for extra equipment and old paperwork?

I had to spend just under a week there and have to say it was one of the most unnerving and freaky places I’ve ever had to stay. I don’t sleep well and refuse meds to help do that. I also refuse pain meds and all the other kinds of ‘let’s just get through this and get it over with’ aids available to anyone who wants them. Medications don’t explain these experiences. But – the care and attention of the personnel were top rate.

Morning always comes, and in this place you might have to wait for the first flicker of light to come through the windows before the quiet resumes…and the slow passage of time that occurs during the day takes over again.


Haunted Wachusett Dam & Reservoir

We hear about Quabbin Reservoir a lot, but little has been written about the Wachusett Dam and Reservoir.  That project was the first to confiscate land, homes, and properties to create a larger water supply for the thirsty residents of Boston.   Quabbin was the second and larger water supply, carried out by politicians, to give water, and themselves, the comfort they needed at the expense of others.

The Wachusett Dam and Reservoir Project was begun in 1897 and completed in 1905.  Four towns in Worcester County, MA became the target of the land grab.  Clinton, Spencer, Boylston, and West Boylston forfeited over 4000 acres to create a roughly eight mile by two mile water basin for people living on the east coast of the state.

Hundreds of people lost their homes, their livelihoods, churches, stores, their land, and their cemeteries.  Houses, churches, and factories were moved, but mostly they were razed.  It is said that over 4000 bodies were removed and some re-interred in St. John’s Cemetery in Lancaster.  There is an isle in the reservoir named Cemetery Island.  It’s the site of the initial St. John’s Cemetery where many residents were buried.  I wonder, though, if some that had passed on were perhaps laid to rest on a family property, as was sometimes the case back then – what happened to those remains?

These people being forced to move lost a way of life they were familiar with.  Many didn’t know where they were going. They didn’t know what to do.  They no longer had jobs and they had no way to provide for themselves.  There was no government assistance at that time. Residents could no longer go to their churches to seek solace.  Visiting those that had passed on may not have been as easy anymore, either.  After exhumation, coffins were stacked on wagons six high.  Tombstones were carried away, too, but some were lost or broken along the way.  And, how did they identify who went where?

This event has been mostly forgotten today, unless you live around that area.  The water for Boston laps the shores around Boylston, West Boylston, Clinton, Spencer, and Cemetery Island. It still harbors the energies of those who used to call it home and of the many who died working on the construction of the dam and reservoir.

Like Quabbin, this area seems to have a different energy.  It feels haunted by emotions of the past.  Black masses that cannot be explained are seen by some.  Lights have been observed meandering around the trees on Cemetery Island.  Shadows are seen walking in the area. Whistles that seem to come from the water can be heard.  It has been said that if you hear a whistle and return it,  you’ll get an answer.  This is not a residual energy….it’s an energy in the here and now.  Intelligent responses imply there is still active energy existing in the area.  Some have even heard disembodied voices.

It doesn’t seem fair.  Boston gets water and others get loss and hauntings.

– ashanta

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Demons & Shadows

These are just a few of the many early ghostly experiences I had while living at my childhood home.

The first happened in the evening just a while after dark. In our house at the time the tv in the living room was in front of and to one side of a window across from where I was seated. It all started with what sounded like tapping on the window. At first I ignored it, but the tapping happened again. I didn’t think too much of it, but I was curious so I went over to the window and parted the curtains to peek out. What I saw next frightened me to the point of abject terror. I have never forgotten to this day what I saw. The most evil, almost demonic, face was staring back at me and smirking. I only looked for a moment and ran out of the room yelling. My father came running to see what was wrong. I told him everything and he went outside to check things out. It was winter and the ground was covered with snow. This is important because when he came back in he took me out to show me that there were no tracks in the snow.

A month or so after the last experience I went up to my bedroom; it was just after school and I had gone up to change my clothes. While I was starting to undress for some reason I looked across the room and saw what looked like the shadow of a very large spider running across the floor. I jumped onto my bed and it came to stand at the side of it. My brothers bed was close to mine so I jumped across to his bed. The shadow then ran over and sat by the side of his bed. Just then my brother came into the room and caught a glimpse of  the shadow as it disappeared.

I will share other experiences that I have had over the years at another time.