A Haunted Hospital

Most, if not all, hospitals are haunted and why wouldn’t they be? There are so many emotions that happen there something is bound to stick around, This energy could be residual or intelligent, but regardless of its origin – it is still around.

This “country hospital”, as many call it, is well-equipped to take care of any problem and have top notch people to do the job! The personnel are terrific. They really care about the people who come in and need their help. Both doctors and nurses are caring, responsible people who do their best to do whatever they can for every patient that comes through their doors. I applaud them.

But, this place is strange and has an eerie feeling – especially at night when all patients should be asleep and snug in their beds. Night time here has a different vibe. It takes on a life of its own. There are all kinds of noises coming from the third floor. It sounds like things being dragged. Bangs, sounds like things being thrown around. There are heavy footfalls back and forth along the floors. And – it sounds like heavy footfalls up and down the stairs. Maybe the third floor isn’t used because it’s already occupied by something other than the staff can handle.

And – you know how quiet the nurse’s station usually always is? Well, not here at night. That whole area sounds like there’s a party of some sort going on every night. People are talking loudly and laughing frequently. There’s always activity there and time passes quickly. Even children can be heard having fun. There are shadows and orbs at night, also. All I can tell you is – they are not there to help you get up to go potty!!! They are there for other reasons and they don’t want to share why. But, they don’t go away easily.

I thought it odd that while this facility has three floors only two are used. I asked why and was told that they needed the third floor for storage. Storage for what? Wouldn’t taking care of more patients produce more income for the business and be more important than a receptacle for extra equipment and old paperwork?

I had to spend just under a week there and have to say it was one of the most unnerving and freaky places I’ve ever had to stay. I don’t sleep well and refuse meds to help do that. I also refuse pain meds and all the other kinds of ‘let’s just get through this and get it over with’ aids available to anyone who wants them. Medications don’t explain these experiences. But – the care and attention of the personnel were top rate.

Morning always comes, and in this place you might have to wait for the first flicker of light to come through the windows before the quiet resumes…and the slow passage of time that occurs during the day takes over again.