Demons & Shadows

These are just a few of the many early ghostly experiences I had while living at my childhood home.

The first happened in the evening just a while after dark. In our house at the time the tv in the living room was in front of and to one side of a window across from where I was seated. It all started with what sounded like tapping on the window. At first I ignored it, but the tapping happened again. I didn’t think too much of it, but I was curious so I went over to the window and parted the curtains to peek out. What I saw next frightened me to the point of abject terror. I have never forgotten to this day what I saw. The most evil, almost demonic, face was staring back at me and smirking. I only looked for a moment and ran out of the room yelling. My father came running to see what was wrong. I told him everything and he went outside to check things out. It was winter and the ground was covered with snow. This is important because when he came back in he took me out to show me that there were no tracks in the snow.

A month or so after the last experience I went up to my bedroom; it was just after school and I had gone up to change my clothes. While I was starting to undress for some reason I looked across the room and saw what looked like the shadow of a very large spider running across the floor. I jumped onto my bed and it came to stand at the side of it. My brothers bed was close to mine so I jumped across to his bed. The shadow then ran over and sat by the side of his bed. Just then my brother came into the room and caught a glimpse of  the shadow as it disappeared.

I will share other experiences that I have had over the years at another time.


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