Tarot as a Great Life Tool

Tarot readings are most often thought about as a prognostication of coming events in one’s life.  They are something you get from a seer or fortune teller to find out what’s in store for you.  But, I don’t think that approach is a practical one.  Nothing is written in stone and if you can change one thing the outcome can be much different.  The question is –   what do you change?  and – how do you know?  That’s the time for a tarot reading.  It’s a tool to help you discover the different energies going on around you so you can know better what to do.

A tarot deck resembles life in its cards –  Wands, Cups, Swords, Discs.   Wands stand for the intellect, ideas, considerations, and anything of a fire nature.  Cups are water related and represent our emotional selves.  Swords are our troubles, tribulations, difficulties, and anything of an air nature.  And, Discs are of the earth and symbolize the material world – stuff and things.

There are many components to a tarot deck that all have meaning in a reading.  They are full of symbols that shed light on the condition or situation at hand.  The suit is important, but so is the imagery, color, number, planetary attributes, element, and the relationship of the cards surrounding one another.  The Major Arcana and Court Cards interplay with the four suits and are also important in determining all the ingredients of the final analysis of the layout.

Another vital aspect of a reading is found by determining what suit or suits are most important to you in the way you see yourself or feel about your present situation.  If you know and understand the suits that mean the most to you,  those suits will give more extra meaning to a reading.  Seeing where your suits are located in a layout and knowing what surrounds you and how it affects you are important tools at your disposal.

Discovering your options and understanding a good course of action to achieve your goals is invaluable in making the decisions that are most beneficial in your life.  By knowing the things that oppose you, you can meet them head-on, challenges are mitigated and success is more readily achieved.  So, as said earlier, a tarot reading is a good life tool to show you how to reach your goals and point out the pitfalls to avoid.  It isn’t something that tells you what you’re stuck with and what has befallen you.  Change one thing and everything else changes with it.

– ashanta

Unanswered Questions

I was doing a tarot reading for an acquaintance of a work friend for the first time. I have read the cards for friends and family for several years now. This reading started out
as usual, but when it was over something new to me occurred.

A thought kept coming to me, “ask her if she knows [this person]”. I ignored it at first, but the voice-thought kept coming back. I eventually asked her and found out it was her
dead brother. She then told me this had happened once before when seeing a psychic. She said that he is always letting her know he is with her by seeing him in her dreams.

She then said she wished she could hear from her dead husband, but never had. Then his name came to me. I told her and she was excited, he proved who he was to her satisfaction
by bringing up things from their life together. She said she had one question that she always wanted-needed to know and that was the one thing that never came through.

I have since been told by an established medium that not getting an answer to a question is sometimes the answer. It could be that the spirit didn’t have an answer, or that the
asker needed to find out for themselves. I, too, believe that there are sometimes lessons to be learned that the asker will have to find out alone.