Strange Humming and Electrical Phenomena

Here are some more strange occurrences that I experienced at my grandparents home one summer.

When I was 9-10 years old I loved to explore in the woods. I never wandered too far from whomevers home I happened to be at, maybe 1/4 mile or so at the most. One day I became aware of this humming sound that increased the further from the house I got until a certain distance where it maintained the same level and vibration; it never varied in any way. I walked all over there at different times during the summer and It was the same thing in all directions.

One night that same summer my grandparents were watching tv and I was in bed. We all heard their car start. Now, my bedroom faced the driveway so it only took me a few seconds to get to the window and look down. No one was there and the yard was large and open, so there was no place to have hidden. My grandfather went out to the car and shut it off. The next day the adults were talking and I heard my grandfather say he had to put in his key, turn it to the on position, and then off again to shut the car off.


***Editor’s Note: It is well known amongst those interested in UFO activity that the malfunction¬† and/or disruption of electrical systems is associated with close encounters i.e. cars stalling, lights flickering, electrical devices turning on or off. As these experiences occurred in a rural area, removed from inner city miscreants, high-tension power lines, and commercial electrical hubs, one might be inclined to consider the possibility of extra-terrestrial or other dimensional involvement in these experiences.