An Egregore — A What??

An egregore, (eg-ree-gore), is an autonomous energy created by a repeated or often talked about concept or belief shared by a number of like-minded people. It’s a thoughtform that takes on a persona.

The concept of an egregore has been around for a long time. There are references to them in the Book of Enoch I believed to have been written in the 2nd Century BCE Enoch referred to them as, “angel-like spirits”.

Eliphas Levy, noted ceremonial magician and occultist, also mentions egregori in his work Le Grand Arcan, written around 1868. In that work Levi suggests an egregore doesn’t pay us any attention because they don’t know about our existence.

Both the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians were believed to have more fully developed the idea of an egregore.

It seems an egregore needs to consistently be fed with energy such as acknowledgment, belief in, discussion, and anything else others may do to give it strength.

This persona can behave according to the feelings that brought it into existence or it can take on its own personality – it’s up to the entity. It’s said some people attempt to create an egregore to do their bidding. That isn’t necessarily how it turns out, however. Ultimately, an egregore will do what it wants to do…just like people.

There are most likely a number of them all around us. There doesn’t have to be an intention to make one. Most are unintentionally formed just by gathering with the same people and being avidly involved in something or discussing something they are really ‘into’. There is no conjuring, desire, or magick involved. It just happens. These days Big Foot could have an egregore…

So, can they be seen? Mostly they are just sensed, but an older one with plenty of energy given to them by others, can be glimpsed – usually as a misty shape. They form themselves. Without a regular flow of energy geared to them they will just dissipate.

If you think you have one hanging around and don’t want it, you can forget using salt or sage to get rid of it. The only way they can be changed or made to leave is by those who created it. If you think it’s an old sort of energy and has been around longer than those who gave it form then it must have gained some sentience on its own. And, if people continue to talk about it – its not going anywhere, it will stay. If ian egregore is ignored and not mentioned any more it will disappear on its own. If there’s no energy to give it a construct it won’t last. You also cannot re-create it,or re-develop it, or change it in any way. It is what it is and when it’s gone – it’s done.

– ashanta

AI and the Paranormal

Is AI a paranormal subject?  I can’t give a definitive answer to that question, but I do know that it certainly isn’t normal.  If it is paranormal, it is the only paranormal entity that scares me – a real lot.  When the elitists and power-grabbers start infusing machines with the minds of humans, the question of whether ghosts are real or not won’t have to be discussed.  They won’t be.  And – those greedy for power, (under the name of science and technology),  started their subtle quest to conquer humanness into the body of a robotic back in the early 1960’s. After their first attempts to conquer space, NASA figured out that man could not make years-long travels to other destinations in space without changing biological structures as they presently exist.   Even after a few days of weightlessness in space, man starts losing both bone and muscle mass.  It became clear that mechanical intervention has to happen.  But how much is considered necessary?  Now 50-odd years later, the push is on to gain general acceptance for AI and so is the hypnotic rhetoric to the walking sheeple.

Movies like Bionic Man, Wonder Woman,  etc. started making appearances in many flics over the next decades.  This genre has since increased in frequency and great effects like those seen in Arnold Swartznegger movies and others help introduce and romanticize the effects of implanting and sharing human qualities with machines.  This ploy, I think, is meant to lull the masses into acceptance and eagerness to participate in this great new venture.  If Hollywood does it – it has to be good.

The proponents of this technology offer eternal good health, immortality, and the ability to know all you want to know about everything, and do what you want to do forever.  But, will you still want to know? Will you still want to go skiing, biking, to bars, to restaurants, still love your hobbies?  After your mind is sucked into a machine what happens to your enthusiasm for your passion about something or someone?  Does passion still exist?  Passion, dreams, goals to aspire toward, enjoyment, and other emotional drives that make us who we are would no longer be exist within the framework of techno-bionics.   You may be able to live eternally, but who will you be?  Will you be able to recognize yourself?  Will you care?  And, if you do care – what kind of prison have you allowed for yourself to become trapped within?

The fusing of mankind into machines  —  AI  —  Accepted Imprisonment.    It would be nice if this new technology would be used for the betterment of humanity, advancements for the environment,  and general well-being for the concommitance of existence we live within, but who determines and governs what measures of integrity will be accepted and enforced?  Does integrity still exist today?

–  ashanta

Are You Psychic?

Are you psychic?  You probably don’t think so, but I’ll bet you’re wrong.  In many cases we’ve been taught there is no such thing or that it’s evil.  You know – “Don’t dabble in the occult.” sort of thing.  That certainly stands in the way of using one’s natural ability. Having a capacity for being psychic doesn’t require some special feeling or aptitude.  It is important to realize everyone has this innate gift of psychic sensitivity.  It’s normal and it’s how the rest of nature operates.  Other living things were never taught there was no such thing or that it was wrong.  Thinking like that hampers learning how to access and use our naturally-given senses….which is probably why it was given such a bad rap to begin with.

There are many different names given to the various areas of ‘psychic ability’ that one may possess.  It seems everyone has their own talent they will be more adept in than another.   The most popular at this time seems to be communing with ghosts – or at least trying to find out if they are real or not.

Searching for an entity could involve many different psychic abilities.  If one has mediumistic talents, seeing and talking with a spirit should be quite easy.  But, being sensitive can cover a great many areas.  Being clairaudient would allow you to be able to hear spirits talking while clairvoyance would let you see an apparition.  Both can be present at the same time in the same person.

One could have the knack for automatic writing to allow the deceased to write through a planchette onto sheets of paper while the practitioner , alone or with others, places their hands on the writing tool.  This is similar to an ouija board – which I will argue isn’t evil, but that’s a different story.

Some people could use psychometry to discover something about either someone who is either still alive or has passed.  If given an object belonging to the person in question the psychomotrist can detect information about the person through their residual energy.

–  ashanta