An Egregore — A What??

An egregore, (eg-ree-gore), is an autonomous energy created by a repeated or often talked about concept or belief shared by a number of like-minded people. It’s a thoughtform that takes on a persona.

The concept of an egregore has been around for a long time. There are references to them in the Book of Enoch I believed to have been written in the 2nd Century BCE Enoch referred to them as, “angel-like spirits”.

Eliphas Levy, noted ceremonial magician and occultist, also mentions egregori in his work Le Grand Arcan, written around 1868. In that work Levi suggests an egregore doesn’t pay us any attention because they don’t know about our existence.

Both the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucians were believed to have more fully developed the idea of an egregore.

It seems an egregore needs to consistently be fed with energy such as acknowledgment, belief in, discussion, and anything else others may do to give it strength.

This persona can behave according to the feelings that brought it into existence or it can take on its own personality – it’s up to the entity. It’s said some people attempt to create an egregore to do their bidding. That isn’t necessarily how it turns out, however. Ultimately, an egregore will do what it wants to do…just like people.

There are most likely a number of them all around us. There doesn’t have to be an intention to make one. Most are unintentionally formed just by gathering with the same people and being avidly involved in something or discussing something they are really ‘into’. There is no conjuring, desire, or magick involved. It just happens. These days Big Foot could have an egregore…

So, can they be seen? Mostly they are just sensed, but an older one with plenty of energy given to them by others, can be glimpsed – usually as a misty shape. They form themselves. Without a regular flow of energy geared to them they will just dissipate.

If you think you have one hanging around and don’t want it, you can forget using salt or sage to get rid of it. The only way they can be changed or made to leave is by those who created it. If you think it’s an old sort of energy and has been around longer than those who gave it form then it must have gained some sentience on its own. And, if people continue to talk about it – its not going anywhere, it will stay. If ian egregore is ignored and not mentioned any more it will disappear on its own. If there’s no energy to give it a construct it won’t last. You also cannot re-create it,or re-develop it, or change it in any way. It is what it is and when it’s gone – it’s done.

– ashanta