The Ouija Board & Evil?

On All Hallow’s Eve, when the dead come back home and the veil between existences is the thinnest, communing with them is supposed to be easier than any other time of year.  There are a number of ways those who have translated can interact with us on this side, but what do we do to initiate the conversation?  Automatic writing,  candle flame scrying, deep meditation to channel?  How about an Ouija Board?

The witchboard was introduced to our country around 1891 when an interest in the Spiritualist movement was at its peak.  It was a popular form of entertainment for decades practiced by a large following of believers from just about every background, including Mary Todd Lincoln, the President’s wife.

Ouija boards seem to be to the occult what cilantro is to cooking….you either love it or hate it!! I know people who won’t go near one and certainly would never touch one because of the supposed inherent evil they contain.  I don’t understand this questionable thinking process.  How can a piece of wood or pressed cardboard be made bad?  Certainly the movie The Exorcist helped this idea develop!!  And religions, also, jumped on the bandwagon in an effort to scare a dwindling Sunday attendance back into the pews so congregations could keep one step ahead of the Devil….

In November 2014 ran a story saying the sales of Ouija boards was up 300%.  Couldn’t find stats for this year so far, but imagine sales are still pretty good; especially considering when times are tough people turn more to the paranormal for answers they don’t get anywhere else.  Ouija’s are still manufactured by Hasbro, who bought out Parker Brothers in 1991, and I don’t think they package a piece of Satan in every box!

Ouija, like any other tool, can be used for any purpose. I believe that any evil that is associated with the witchboard comes to it with the intent of the person, or people, using it.  It can work as a conductor for any energy, but does not have any inherent energy of its own.  It’s like white or black magick  —  no such thing  —  there’s only magick.  What you do with it is what defines it.

Happy Halloween!!

–  ashanta


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Magic – Black or White?

What is magick?  To the best of my ability to describe it, it is the practice of trying to change something or make something occur by use of a ritual.  Rituals can use a number of tools such as a wand, bell, chalice, athame, candles, oils, incense, herbs, and other things of the practitioner’s choice.  Some people draw circles around themselves for protection and others forgo that step.  Generally, a rhyming chant is spoken to express the purpose of the work.

Rituals can also use invocation  – the summoning of energies such as gods, goddesses, elementals, entities, etc., in hopes they will help produce the desired results.  And this is where magick seems to get a bit sticky.

Wiccans are famous for their insistence they only perform white magick while Satanist’s are accused of practicing black magick.  So it seems the energy that is called upon determines the type of magick one is performing.  For instance, white magicians may call upon the Great Horned Father while others may call upon Pan or Ammon…..supposedly a darker side. But, no matter what type of magick one professes to practice, the only thing that truly matters to get the job done is will.  Or you can call it intent.  And since everything we do, within this vibrational matrix we all live in, affects everyone else – there is no such thing of not touching the lives of someone else.  These effects of any action on others will be good for some and not so good for others.

The label of the magick performed diminishes when viewed from a broader scale.  There is no such thing as white or black magick.  If you practice magick – you practice magick – and it will work depending on the strength of your intent.

–  ashanta

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