What’s In the Woods?

I am always looking for local places that are known or are thought to be haunted. After thinking about it for a few days it came to me. There is an area out here close to the Berkshires I’ve walked quite a few times in the evenings. It seems different and maybe it’s worth checking out.

There is a certain place on this road near Middlefield State Forest where you can hear a dog barking way off in the woods. Every time I’ve walked this stretch, that dog or coyote or whatever it is, is barking. There are no homes anywhere within a mile or so on this road and there are no intersecting roads – just miles of dense forest. From what I could see, no one had made a path or trail leading out there either. I had always thought perhaps there was a way in I hadn’t found yet, but not so. Anyway, until now I hadn’t been curious enough to explore.

After lunch, as I wanted plenty of time, I left to check things out. I arrived at the barking spot on the road and hiked about a half a mile into the woods when I started seeing animal bones. Nothing much at first, but more numerous as I got further in. I assumed a lot of these bones were from deer as a few antlers were found also. There were piles of smaller bones, too. In my experience, people find bones in the forest all the time, but usually not in such large quantities in one area. I kept thinking what would explain what I had found. Something feeding such as a bear or maybe coyotes or maybe even, although unlikely, wolves. I searched and .there were no tracks to be found. So, was it just coincidence these bones were located in such a small area? No matter the reason, I was just happy that I had a knife with me. Of course it wouldn’t make much difference, but I still felt better having it with me.

It was getting to be mid-afternoon as I continued on further into the forest. There was still plenty of time to get out before it started getting dark. As I walked further in, here and there were rocks that had been stacked one upon another. Others had been placed to create designs. Someone had to have made them. Nature doesn’t arrange stones in specific patterns.

It occurred to me that possibly someone was living out here maybe to get away from people or some other reason. I made sure to pay attention all around me as I continued on. For no reason did I want to surprise or be surprised by someone if they happened to still be around.

I continued on, but soon and for no apparent reason, I started to feel a chill and it didn’t have anything to do with the weather. It was a warm day. I also, increasingly, got a feeling of what I can only describe as impending doom. I felt as if I stayed there, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

On my way back to the road, I neared the area where the stacked stones and rock symbols are located. I have an idea what they could be. Am I right? I don’t know, but I did break up some of the rock design symbols, just in case…

I haven’t been back yet, but do plan to go later this year with some fellow investigators. I also spotted an old cellar hole on my way out, and want to check back on that when the sun is high in the sky and darkness isn’t creeping into the woods.