A Curiosity Uncovered

My interest in ghosts began when I was quite young and had started seeing apparitions. One early experience I had was at my grandparents home. I was approximately 5 years old and staying with them for the weekend. My grandmother and I were the only ones home at the time and what happened was that I was on the first floor walking from the dining room towards the kitchen and happened to look up the flight of stairs leading to the second floor bedrooms. As I was looking up a female figure came out from one bedroom and seemed to glide just above the floor and across the hall into one of the other rooms. She had a very calm demeanor, very peaceful, and this had the same effect on me while in her presence. Being a young child I assumed it was a living person that was there with us until I asked my grandmother about it and she assured me we were alone. I didn’t know what to think about this, but wouldn’t look up the stairs for a long time. This event happened during the day and was one of only a few ghostly encounters I’ve experienced during the daytime. I have had other experiences at my grandparents house as well. Not all involved ghosts, but other paranormal encounters as well.

I will write more about them and other locations soon.


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