COVID-19 – A Paranormal Take

This horrendous pandemic is not only viral, but gives a message to all who will listen. If you can get past the multi-media craze for 24/7 alerts, updates and raw-nerve panic tactics, this disease has something to say to all who will listen. It’s a message that’s been out there since time started, but no one has listened or learned – yet.

This existence we are all in called life is not an individual experience. It’s commonly shared amongst us. The vibrations by one persons activities, thoughts, and intentions create repercussions that affect all the rest of us. Everyone of us affects all others. We live in a vibrational matrix. That’s how this Universe we all inhabit works. And it’s time we all learn that, know that, and understand that.

This existence was never intended to be an egocentric one. It’s designed to be a conglomerate of individuals all concerned about one another and understanding the fact that everyone residing within it is interdependent.

If this caronavirus pandemic hasn’t shown you that – then you’ll never understand anything of any value for a significant life experience.

The message is clear – understand that we need to be a worldwide community of caring people concerned about one another to stay safe and healthy. Or – we can carry on these feckless ethnocentric bigotries that spew hatred and hypocrisy and we can all perish.

Will you listen to this message from your higher power? Or do you think you are the higher power in this wonderful Universe that you obviously are oblivious to and face Armegeddon?

– ashanta


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